Imagine… tiny x-ray scanners saving thousands of lives, 6G comms without draining batteries, new era manufacturing running 5x faster, advanced measuring processes embedded in your production lines

Reinventing, reimagining, redesigning

Semiconductors are so yesterday.

Yes, you did read that right. And we know it’s a big claim. But we’ve made it true. The era of semiconductors is over.

So, what’s here to replace them?

The answer is … Diamond.

Make the quantum leap

Evince is seeking OEMs, partners and investors who share our vision to fashion electronics fit for the 21st century. Get in touch to join us on this pioneering path.

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Change our world, and yours

Do you have the skills, drive, imagination and determination to work at Evince? Would you relish bringing a completely new technology to life? It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a team with a historic purpose.

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Big changes often come from the smallest things. Over the last 150 years society has been and continues to be fundamentally changed and vastly improved by a small number of inventions. We are one of these.

Dr Gareth Taylor CEO

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