Pioneering a new era in electronics, say goodbye to semiconductors

The power of diamond

Diamond’s thermal and electrical properties are a generation ahead of anything else in today’s market. But unlocking its capabilities has demanded a fundamental rethinking of electronics.

Enter Evince. Enter the new electronics age.

We’ve exploited a principle only possible using diamond – field-enhanced quantum tunnelling – to pioneer the first completely new electronics concept since the 1960s. Our unique approach combines embedded field emission structures with advanced surface engineering to inject electrons directly into diamond with potent efficiency. These ‘free electrons’ can then be manipulated within the substrate or extracted for use in other ways.

To prove the principle we’ve developed effective manufacturing processes, offering a commercially-scalable method of delivering our technology.

Developing solid-state electron sources is one of the most demanding applications for our technology. Establishing the core principles behind it has given us a comprehensive toolset to deliver a whole family of devices.

Paul Farrar Head of Development

Forwards for a brighter future

We understand the frustrations of so many industries which have been held back by the old ways of electronics for far too long.

From x-ray inspection to electron microscopy, additive manufacturing to satellite propulsion, those tiny outmoded components needed to generate ‘free electrons’ are the obstacle to improved performance.

That’s where Evince comes in. Drawing an end to the days of compromise.

Our approach is a leap forward as profound as the shift from filament lightbulbs to LEDs. We can deliver precision electron beams that are 10x brighter with no exponential lifetime penalty. Evince-based electron sources also operate at room temperature and can be modulated at very high frequencies, vastly expanding the ability to harvest new information from advanced analytic techniques.

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