Imagine… Keeping production lines moving with more rapid and accurate inspection systems, boosting quality and output

Improve quality, boost productivity

Failures in measuring systems are among the biggest and most costly frustrations in manufacturing.

Evince offers the answer.

Reliable metrology is vital for high-quality production processes. Inspection systems using x-ray, electron microscopy and spectroscopy all rely on ‘free electrons’. But their electron sources are fragile and prone to fail, causing costly delays.

As well as eliminating downtime, our miniature, robust, high performance sources allow metrology systems to be integrated into production lines to drive faster and more accurate inspections, improving yield, consistency, and reliability.

Look at this million pound metrology tool, it’s still powered by the electrical equivalent of a candle. What you [Evince] have is the equivalent of an LED lightbulb – you will fundamentally change our business.

VP Engineering Leading x-ray metrology OEM

Realising the vision

Our technology delivers a new generation of brighter, more consistent solid-state electron sources.

Evince devices can also unlock exciting new possibilities, such as greater precision and modulating electron emissions at MHz+ frequencies.  Using multi-spectrum analysis delivers far more detailed and accurate data to greatly enhance monitoring and help keep production systems flowing.


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