Imagine… Transforming diagnostics and patient outcomes by using smartphone sized x-ray scanners

Enabling portable, easy to use, immediate x-rays

Affordable diagnostics at home, in a clinic, or even at the roadside, are transforming healthcare.

Demand for smaller, more portable tools to assess patients is ever increasing.

Using handheld scanners for preliminary x-rays can dramatically improve outcomes. Rapid diagnosis following trauma leads to simpler, less invasive, more effective and cheaper treatments, benefitting patients and healthcare providers alike.

Evince makes that achievable.

I cannot begin to describe just how transformative having a truly handheld x-ray scanner would be in helping me to save lives.


Realising the vision

Electrons are needed to produce x-rays. But the larger the source the bigger the device, due to the protective lead shield required.  The vastly superior insulation properties of diamond, the core of our technology, eliminates the need for such bulky shields.

We’re now pioneering a microchip-scale x-ray source that can be shielded with just a few grams of lead – finally putting the dream of a small handheld scanner within reach.

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