Imagine… 6G comms for the latest apps and functions without draining your battery

Lightening the load of critical comms

Ever faster and more data hungry modern communications are punishing for battery life.

Evince has the solution.

From smartphones to satellites, our technology can deliver next generation communications at 3x the efficiency of anything available today, while still meeting the demand for enhanced apps, video, streaming and more. That means lighter, slimmer devices that don’t need bigger batteries or more frequent charging.

Your technology using diamond has the potential to deliver a much-needed step change to the high frequency amplification market. It could also unlock many of the challenges of moving to even higher frequency bands in the 200GHz spectrum.

Technical director Radar & high-power communications manufacturer

Realising the vision

Evince’s technology – based on field-enhanced quantum tunnelling – provides pure electron devices that exploit the high electron mobility of diamond. Think of the electrical equivalent of a thermionic tube or valve operating at microelectronic scale, but without the need for heat or a vacuum.

Such a revolution in innovation paves the way for smaller and faster communication chips. They’re also radiation and EMP hard, making them ideal for use in defence, space and other extreme environments.

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