Advanced manufacturing

Imagine… Printing robust, ready-to-go components 10x faster, for reliable high-volume production

Mass manufacturing at speed and scale

The lag between computer-generated plans becoming working prototypes, then scaling to mass manufacture, is today’s biggest design bottleneck.

Evince can eliminate that.

Advanced prototype manufacturing tools could offer mass production. The problem is they still use slow, unreliable electron beams to “write” components.

Our technology can deliver flexible multi-mode electron sources, combining more than 10x faster write times with the reliability needed for commercial production.

We have invested a considerable amount of time developing our own electron source technology. When can we get yours?

CEO Additive manufacturing systems manufacturer

Realising the vision

The Evince approach of embedding the electron source in diamond sustains 100x the current of conventional methods, producing brighter, higher energy-density electron beams.

Lithographical patterning of small source arrays creates the flexibility to switch between single and shaped multi-beam modes. That allows manufacturers to shift between a lower precision mode to write large areas and high-precision operation for detailed features.

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