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Technology whose time is now

For 60 years advances in electronics have been frustratingly slow, held back by the limitations of semiconductors.

Until now. And Evince.

We’ve pioneered a fundamental new approach to electronics, harnessing the unique and vastly superior properties of diamond.

Our breakthrough allows the creation of an entirely new class of components, offering 5 to 50 times better performance than any other electronic material, delivering nothing less than a revolution in power and capability.

Such innovation opens the door to an era of endless new products and applications that have previously been impossible without huge expense.

The Evince breakthrough opens up immense possibilities for the electronics industry. Electron sources are just the beginning when it comes to what’s possible.

Dr Keith Ferguson Evince Non-Executive Director

Image credits: NETPark (below)

Location and global reach

Evince is based at NETPark, the largest science hub in north-east England, and a focal point for advanced material electronics. It employs more people, and generates more value in this sector than any other UK region.

We also work closely with global supply chain partners and world-leading academics in the fields of diamond and wide bandgap electronics.

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