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30th September 2009

World-first diamond power switching device

COMMERCIAL scientists have developed the world’s first diamond solid-state power switching device that is expected to markedly cut the cost of renewable energy generation.

The all solid state device creates the opportunity to switch voltage in excess of 15,000V which is expected to halve the cost of power control systems. Once fully developed, the diode is expected to signal the death of silicon switches.

Silicon is the material most commonly used in modern switching devices but is only capable of handling up to 6,000V. This has a cost and space implication for uses such as train engines

Evince Technology Ltd, a power electronics device business located in Durham UK, has developed the new diamond-based devices which it predicts will make the vision of electricity “smart grids” a reality.

Smart grids are the next stage of evolution of our 100 year old electricity networks, enabling sustainable sources of power generation such as renewables to connect to any point on the grid – something that is not possible today, which is hampering their growth.

The diode, based on Evince Technology’s proprietary diamond device technology, is a major milestone in efforts to create products capable of controlling power at utility distribution voltages.

The company plans to release its first commercial product in late 2010, a 10,000V fast recovery diode that will significantly improve the performance of existing high voltage silicon-based switching devices.

Dr Gareth Taylor, Evince Technology CEO, said: “Governments across the globe are placing great faith in the ability of sustainable and renewable energy to halt the effects of global warming. However, until these energy sources are commercially viable their take-up will be slow.

“Evince’s diamond electronics switches are likely to be the first devices worldwide capable of switching at utility distribution voltages and will have a dramatic impact on energy generation costs. This, in turn, will make renewable energy a much more affordable alternative.

“The diodes we are developing also represent an enabling technology for smart grids, renewable power and rail and marine traction drive systems. The ability to switch greater than 15,000V in a single Evince device is expected to halve the cost of power control systems. This will make many renewable generation systems, such as wave and tidal power, economically viable for the first time.”

Dr Neil Loxley, Evince Technology chairman, said: “Diamond has always been perceived as the ultimate electronic material but has been held back because people have failed to find ways of making it a direct replacement for silicon. The Evince approach is radically different with a beauty in its simplicity.”

The company is in the process of raising 2m new venture capital funding to fund the next phase of product development and to build new partnerships.

Evince Technology was founded in 2008 to commercialise a new approach using diamond as an electronic material. The move comes after more than a decade of privately funded research.

The company has been funded to date by venture capital from Northstar Equity Investors, Imperial Innovations and Carbon Trust Investments. The company has additionally secured a Proof of Concept loan from NStar, BERR research and development grants from ONE North East and support from the Carbon Trust Business Incubation scheme.